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“Compounding” is the process of building customized strengths and dosage forms for medications. That means, rather than having to take medicines manufactured in bulk for the “average person,” you’re taking medication custom-made just for your specific needs right in our pharmacy. Depending on the medication, we can change flavors or strengths, or exclude ingredients you may be allergic to. We adhere to the highest compounding standards and will work closely with you and your doctors to ensure the most optimal treatment outcomes.

Custom Treatments We Provide Include:

Diltiazem 2% Medications
Cosmetic Medications
Prenatal and Postnatal Medications
Hormone Therapy: Progesterones, Estrogens, Testosterone and DHEA
Pediatric Medications
Dental Medications: Mouthwashes and Rinses, Ointments, Pastes
Veterinary Medications for your dogs, cats, birds, etc
Pain Medications: Ketoprofen, Ibuprofen, Lidocaine, Doxepin
Sinus Treatments
Thyroid Medications


Drug Information:

Diltiazem 2% Medications
Compounded Testosterone Replacement
Compounded Tetracaine Gel
Compounded Progesterone Replacement